Anthropology Hall 38


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Anthropology Hall 38

Location Client Size Duration
1400 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60605 The Field Museum of Chicago 2,000 sq/ft. August 2003 – December 2004

The Anthropology renovation project was a small detail oriented renovation located in the Anthropology Departments storage space. The project consisted of building a new clean room and a lab space. The clan room space was designed to have non-metal components. This was a challenge to find non-metal construction elements such as sinks, cabinets, ceiling tile, door hardware and a fume hood. CATH this took the challenge and completed the project with full owner satisfaction.

  • Purchase and installation of two new fume hoods (One non-metal)
  • Purchase and installation of a cabinet system with non-metal hardware components.
  • Installation of sensitive lab equipment.
  • Protection of the Anthropology artifacts during the construction of the lab.
  • Grant requirements