Botany Compact Storage


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Botany Compact Storage

Location Client Size Role Duration
1400 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60605 The Field Museum of Chicago 10,000 sq/ft. Project Manager March 2005 – March 2007

The third floor addition of the Northeast Lightwell was to generate space for the Botany Departments to store their valuable books and botany specimens. The project consisted of installing new compact storage units in the new lightwell floor and also renovating the South Botany hall to install a new library and removing the old storage cabinets in the North Botany hall for future renovation project. The existing live loads on the columns were already reaching the maximum capacity of the piers. CATH took the lead and had series of meetings with the owner, structural engineer and cabinet consultant to over come the live load limitations by using lightweight cabinet products.

The highlight of this project include:

  • The weight limitation on the existing piers.
  • Demolition and modification of the South Botany Lightwell opening.
  • Installation of HVAC system
  • Installation of new fire alarm and sprinkler system
  • Installation of new fire alarm and sprinkler systemNew Botany Library in South Herbarium
  • New Office Space in North Herbarium