Evolving Planet (Life Over Time)


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Evolving Planet (Life Over Time)

Location Client Size Completed
1400 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60605 The Field Museum of Chicago 30,000 sq/ft. February 2005 – April 2006

Evolving Planet project was a two-phased project that included the preservation of the Critters and Dinosaur bones and wall murals while the demolition work took place. Second phase construction work was split up between the core & shell construction work and exhibitory. Northeast Light well infill project was completed just before the demolition of the Life Over Time exhibit began which was essential in order to build the Evolving Planet Exhibit. The Northeast light was the last light well that was part of the original building. Over the last 20 year the Field Museum decided to infill the light wells to gain valuable storage and exhibit space. Part of the Northeast Light well’s second floor infill space was used for the Evolving Planet exhibit.

The Core & Shell Construction Included:

  • Building and painting the walls.
  • Installation of the MEP systems which included HVAC, Electrical, house and emergency lighting, fire protection, fire alarm, plumbing, mechanical piping, IT and security systems.
  • Floor finishes such as, carpet, linoleum and hard wood floors.
  • Dropped ceilings.
  • Doors and Hardware installation.


  • Preservation of the dinosaur and critter artifacts.
  • Installation of exhibit display cases.
  • Moving, Storing and Re-installation of the wall murals.
  • Installation of the artificial rockwork.
  • Lights and lighting controls.
  • Audio Visual equipment and programming.
  • Artifact installation.
  • Display cases.
  • Graphic installation.


  • Working with the exhibit design team, scientist and spatiality consultants.
  • Protecting and preserving important exhibit components such as dinosaur bones, critter bones, wall mural and preserving parts of the old exhibit (The Great Coal Forest).
  • The design of the ductwork was modified to accommodate the dinosaur and critter bones.
  • Core & shell work above the dinosaur bones such as fire protection, piping and ceiling paint.
  • Tight core & shell construction schedule.
  • Coordination between core & shell construction and exhibitory elements.
  • Exhibit installation schedule.
  • Safety for visitors and kids.
  • Budget and Schedule constrain.
  • Special requirements for exhibit specimens.