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Location Client Size Role Duration
Chicago, IL The John G. Shedd Aquarium … sq/ft. Project Manager 2010

The most noticeable differences to the public will be the installation of new and the rejuvenation of existing exhibits. The prominent changes are:

  • Polar Play Zone Exhibit
  • Installation of new “Grainger Beluga Encounter Habitat” for one of Shedd’s extraordinary experiences, the beluga encounter program.
  • Installation of new Simulated Rockwork Formation Seating
  • Sea Lion Exhibit tank expansion and installation of mesh exhibit display fence, and an Acrylic window on stairs.
  • Installation of a new scenic river and ‘estuary’ exhibit tank.
  • Miscellaneous reworking of Simulated Rockwork throughout
  • Updated and way finding signage
  • 2 new display tanks