New Elevator Installation


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New Elevator Installation

Location Client Size Role Duration
Chicago, IL The John G. Shedd Aquarium … sq/ft. Project Manager 2010

Consisted of the installation of an 8,000 lbs capacity, roped type elevator. Installation allowed for greater public access from galleries to Oceanarium. Before the elevator could be installed some technical and structural issues had to be addressed. Staff would need to be relocated to a recently installed staff trailer space, and animals would need to be relocated. Structurally the elevator’s location was right in the middle of a support column. To address this issue, pile caps were to support the newly installed structural shaft wall. This allowed for the load of the roof to be shifted to the shaft walls, the column demolished, and the elevator lift system installed.

Demolition of the elevator allowed for the opportunity to install 2 new 200-gallon exhibit tanks, and renovate the Back of House Animal Holding area.